Guguloth Ramesh Babu, Sasikumar Mahalingam, Yogesh Naik, Mounika Gara, Thirumoorthy Ramamoorthy

Department of Emergency Medicine, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry, India

Keywords: Abscess, chest swelling, lipoma myocutaneous cysticercosis, ultrasound


Cysticercosis is one of the common parasitic infections that can affect many sites in the human body, though often seen in the brain and the eyes. Myocutaneous form of cysticercosis is often rare since most of them are asymptomatic and often go unnoticed. They often present to the emergency department due to pain over the lesion or central nervous manifestations. Here, we report a case of subcutaneous swelling, initially thought of as lipoma/abscess, later diagnosed as cysticercosis with the ultrasound. Myocutaneous cysticercosis can mimic various conditions such as lipoma, abscess, epidermoid cyst, ganglion, tuberculous lymphadenitis, pyomyositis, or fat necrosis. Hence, differentiating this from others in the clinical setting is essential because treatment modality is different.

How to cite this article: Babu GR, Mahalingam S, Naik Y, Gara M, Ramamoorthy T. Myocutaneous cysticercosis – A hidden worm caught by an ultrasound. Turk J Emerg Med 2022;22:156-8.

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