Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals regularly updated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, available at All manuscripts submitted for publication are strictly reviewed for their originality, methodology, importance, quality, ethical nature and suitability for the journal. Editors have full authority over the editorial and scientific content of the Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine and the timing of publication of the content.

The editorial and peer review process is as follows:

  1. 1st review by the Technical and Methodological Editor
  2. 1st Similarity check with iThenticate®
  3. 1st evaluation by the Editors-in-Chief: [immediate reject, immediate revision or further evaluation]
  4. 1st review by the Associate Editors
  5. 1st review by two or more external reviewers
  6. 1st review by a Biostatistician
  7. 1st evaluation by the Section Editors (and/or Associate Editors)
  8. Revisions (if needed) with 2nd review by the Technical and Methodological Editor at each submission
  9. 2nd evaluation by the Section Editors (and/or Associate Editors)
  10. 2nd review by the Editor-in-Chief: [reject, or revision]
  11. 2nd Similarity check with iThenticate®
  12. Language and Copy editing
  13. Galley proof preparation
  14. Assignment of a DOI number
  15. Publication

The submitted manuscripts are 1st reviewed by the Technical and Methodological Editor of the Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine for technical merit who decides if the submission is compatible with the submission guidelines of the Journal. If the submission is technically correct, then 1st similarity check for plagiarism detection is run via iThenticate® and the manuscript is reviewed by the Editors, who determine whether the manuscript deserves further evaluation or not. For submissions that are granted further evaluation, the Editors assign the manuscript to one of the Associate Editors. The Associate Editor then forwards the manuscript to at least two reviewers or one reviewer and a member of the Scientific Board for evaluation. If both the Editors and the Associate Editor determine that the manuscript is not scientifically valuable or not an original work, or if it does not relate to Emergency Medicine or does not address the Journal’s target audience, then they reject the manuscript directly without forwarding it to the reviewers.

The goal of the Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine is to notify the Authors with

  • the acceptance of their submission for peer-review within 14 days (Technical Evaluation),
  • peer-review period of 21 days, and
  • final evaluation and notification of 28 days from the receipt of the manuscript.

The Authors are given 10 days for minor revisions and 20 days for major revisions. The final page layout is provided to the authors within 30 days of the acceptance of the manuscript for publication, for final review and proof.

All manuscripts containing material written in English will be evaluated by the Language Editor before the manuscripts are considered for publication.

Manuscripts submitted to the Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine are expected to conform with the Helsinki Declaration and meet the common requirements of the biomedical journals.

Articles are listed on the content page and are published in appropriate sections (original research, case report, review, etc.).