Sadik Hancerlioglu1, Gülbin Konakci2, Fisun Senuzun Aykar1

1Department of Internal Medicine Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
2Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Izmir University of Democracy, Izmir, Turkey

Keywords: Emergency, emergency department nurses, reliability, stress, validity


OBJECTIVES: This study was carried out as a methodological study to adapt the stressor scale for emergency nurses to Turkish and to test its validity and reliability.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data were collected between April 2019 and December 2019 from 250 emergency nurses working in the emergency department of two different universities and two state hospitals. The scale was reapplied to 40 emergency nurses from the sample group 3 weeks after the first application. For the validity studies of the scale, language validity, content validity, and construct validity studies were used, and for the reliability studies, internal consistency and test–retest reliability methods were used.

RESULTS: It was found that the content validity index of the final form was determined as 0.92 (0.78–1.00) according to expert opinions, the scale explained 69.19% of the total variance in four subdimensions, the Cronbach’s alpha value was 0.90, and the test–retest intraclass correlation coefficient value was 0.97.

CONCLUSION: It was concluded that the reliability and validity of the scale was high for Turkish society.

Ethics Committee Approval

Ethics Committee of Medical Research (Decision No.: 19.5.1T/41).

Author Contributions

Concept: SH, GK; Design: SH; Supervision: FSA; Resources: SH, GK; Materials: SH, GK; Data Collection and/or Processing: SH, GK; Analysis and/or Interpretation: SH, GK; Literature Search: SH, GK; Writing Manuscript: SH; Critical Review: SH, GK, FSA.

Conflict of Interest

None declared.

Financial Disclosure

None declared.


The authors contribute to the data collecting and writing of the manuscript. We thank Su Ozgur for statistical analysis and all participants for their collaboration.