Hakan Turan1, Ali Kutlucan2, Ayhan Sarıtaş3, Mehmet Emin Yanık1, Faruk Çeçen2

1Duzce University Medical Faculty, Department Of Dermatology, Duzce
2Duzce University Medical Faculty, Department Of Internal Medicine, Duzce
3Duzce University Medical Faculty, Department Of Emergency Medicine, Duzce

Keywords: C1 esterase inhibitor, hereditary angioedema, tracheostomy


Hereditary angioedema is a rare and potentially life-threatening disease resulting from deficiency or disfunction of C1 esterase inhibitor which is produced by hepatocytes. It is characterized by recurrent angioedema attacks at subcutaneous or submucosal region. Larynx edema could be seen rarely in hereditary angioedema and may result in death by causing sudden air way obstruction. Herein, we present a male hereditary angioedema case with laryngeal edema which is severe enough to require tracheostomy.