Şeref Kerem Çorbacıoğlu, Sertaç Güler, Dilek Yağmur, Volkan Ülker, İsa Kılıçaslan

Gazi University School Of Medicine, Department Of Emergency Medicine, Ankara

Keywords: Diet, emergency medicine, hyperkalemia


Hyperkalemia is well-known sequela of consumption of diet rich in potassium. It has also been reported in patients who consume large amount of fruits or fruit juice. Disorders of plasma potassium can have profound effects, especially on cardiac function. A potentially life threatening hyperkalemia is described in two female patients who consumed excessive amount of apricot and banana. Despite emergent treatment for hyperkalemia was initiated, serum potassium levels remained high. Therefore hemodialysis was chosen as definitive treatment for these patients. Upon reviewing their food intake and medication history, their relatives stated patients have consumed excessive amount of apricot and banana for the past 10 days. Hidden source of potassium intake, such as apricot and banana, should not be overlooked, especially in patients presenting with catastrophic cardiac and neuromuscular effects.