Emine Emektar

Department of Emergency Medicine, Ankara Atatürk Sanatoryum Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: Acute hyperkalemia, adults, emergency department, hypoglycemia, insulin, potassium


Hyperkalemia is a common, life threatening medical situation in chronic renal disease patients in the emergency department (ED). Since hyperkalemia does not present with any specific symptom, it is difficult to diagnose clinically. Hyperkalemia causes broad and dramatic medical presentations including cardiac arrhythmia and sudden death. Hyperkalemia is generally determined through serum measurement in the laboratory. Treatment includes precautions to stabilize cardiac membranes, shift potassium from the extracellular to the intracellular, and increase potassium excretion. The present article discusses the management of hyperkalemia in the ED in the light of current evidence.

How to cite this article: Emektar E. Acute hyperkalemia in adults. Turk J Emerg Med 2023;23:75-81.

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