C. Eken1, H. Görmez2, M. Başhekim2, S. Akyürek2, M. Kartal1

1Akdeniz Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Acil Tıp Anabilim Dalı
2Antalya Trafik Denetleme Şube Müdürlüğü İstatistik Ve Eğitim Büro Amirliği


Introduction: Road traffic accidents (RTA) are one of the most important causes of mortality and morbidity in Turkey as throughout the world. In this study we aimed to determine the demographic features of road traffic accidents and factors causing road traffic accidents.
Material and Method: In this retrospective study, the demographic data of road traffic accidents occurred during the first eight months of 2005 in Antalya was obtained from the Statistics Department of Traffic Directorship. Road Traffic Accidents were classified as "Accidents with Physical Damage (AWPD)" and "Accidents with Injury and Death (AWID)".
Results: In the first eight months of the year 2005, 9815 AWPD and 2370 AWID were occurred. 85% (18258) of drivers was male in all the accidents. Drivers between the age of 26-30 (17,6%) (3758) and 31-35 (17,8%) (3803) years old mostly caused the RTA. 41,6% (8824) of drivers had education level of primary school. Although 17,3% of drivers used safety belt, 7,6% did not. Automobile (58,5%) (13065), small lorry (17,4%) (3898), minibus (7%) (1555) and motorbike (5,7%) (1274) were respectively the most causes of RTA. Hit from behind (28,6%) (2529) and not to abide passing priority in crossroads (23,2%) (2048) were the most seen driver mistakes in RTA. 7,3% (886) of accidents occurred in a cloudy weather and 7% (851) in a rainy weather. There was statistically significant difference between the AWPD and AWID according to the education level, sexuality, kind of vehicle, driver mistakes, to have an accident out of the city and at night.
Conclusion: Drivers causing RTA had a mostly education level of primary school and hit from behind was the most seen driver mistake. Furthermore to be graduated from primary school, male sexuality, motorcycle, to drive at night, having RTA out of the city, violation of traffic lanes and crossing over forbidden areas causes more AWID.